Before we launch into the first official episode of Depthsounder I wanted to take a moment and reflect on our old podcast, the Secretly-Importantcast. It ran for roughly three years, publishing a podcast about once a month, seventeen episodes in total. Eventually other projects began to overlap with my interview/editing schedule and problems with our itunes feed eventually burned me out and I went on a hiatus. I knew I wanted to start again, but with something new, start mostly fresh, and Depthsounder is a pretty fresh start.

There’s a lot to look forward to in this first year of the podcast, but incase you’re new to us I wanted to precede Episode 1, with a special sampler that includes clips from all our past episodes and a preview of our first Episode to be released February 1st. Please enjoy some great clips from our past guests and subscribe to us in itunes here, so that you never miss an episode. Not to be to braggy, but I think they’re really good.


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